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II. District Consultation

Dear Fellow District Residents!

You are holding the II. District Consultation in your hands. The time has come againfor everyone to share their opinions about important issues in our district. In response tothe previous consultation, according to the wishes of the majority, we kept our doctors’offices under district administration, allowed the use of fireworks on the first and lastdays of the year, began an afforestation program, and continued our cat spaying program.In place of the city government, we rehabilitated Magtar Street and Rozsa Street. I’m gladthat 90.5% of those who responded agreed with me that the representatives of our districtmust work for the people who live in the district, and party politics have no place in ourdistrict governance.
You decided, and we acted!
And now, as before, I count on your opinion andsuggestions. Please, participate in the Consultation and fill out the attachedquestionnaire.
Your opinion is important to us!
You can drop off the completed questionnaire before November 30 2023
at the post office, postage free, in the enclosed envelope, addressed to:
Budapest Főváros XVI. kerületi Önkormányzat
Postafiók: 3
Or in person, at the following location, at drop off boxes labelled „KertvárosiKonzultáció”:

  • Mayor’s Office, lobby
  • Sashalmi Piac, lobby
  • Erzsebetliget Theatre, lobby
  • Erzsebetliget Ratonyi Gabor Pool Complex, lobby
  • District schools
  • District kindergartens

You can also fill out the questionnaire online, on the official district homepage:

If you’d like to receive the results of the consultation, please don’t forget to fill out yourcontact information on the questionnaire.

Budapest, 2023. szeptember 20.

Hoping for your respectful reply,

Kovács Péter


Information letter from 2nd District Consultation in English.

The 2nd District Consultation can be completed in English at the following link:

The Garden City Consultation is available in English, Chinese and Vietnamese.

In Chinese:

In Vietnamese:


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